Grad Chapter Process Aka

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Grad Chapter Process Aka
  1. Aka Grad Chapter Pledging Costs

Utilize the Chapter Locator in About AKA to locate graduate chapters in or near your community. The Graduate Membership Intake Process (MIP) begins with a Letter of Invitation, signed by the graduate chapter president AND membership chairman on chapter stationery.

I have received tons and tons of email from prospective members wanting to join my organization at the alumnae Level. So I decided to create a blog specifically gearing about joining a sorority and fraternity towards the grad level. Please note that some organizations have different requirements, so you would need to refer to them personally for specific information. The info I will be posting here is just GENERAL info.So you graduated from college and have entered the real world. Everything seems complete, but you still have that burning desire to become a part of a fraternity or sorority. I know and realize that everyone reason is different as to why they did not join at the undergrad level.


Maybe you tried, and tried but were not accepted. The chapter could have been suspended, on probation, or there were no active members on campus. No matter what your reasons are, You are at a place now where you want to join.For my organization, and according to my dear friend who is an AKA, you have to be INVITED to join.

I am not so sure about other orgs, and fraternities. So let me first speak on that. HOW on EARTH do you get invited to join???? You don't even know them, they don't' know you.Well it's time for you to change that! Joining Grad can be quite difficult, especially since a lot of grad chapters do not have lines often.

I know one particular chapter that has not had a line in over 10 yrs.I know this may sound heartbreaking to some, but if you have that burning desire to become a member, use that time to get to know your future sorors/fraternity brothers. Grad and Undergrad are very different when it comes to membership. For one thing, it is absolutely necessary for undergrad to have MIP every year or every other year to keep the chapter alive. This is due to students graduating from college.

Grad on the other hand is entirely different story. In some cases you will find some members who will remain an active member of that chapter for 10, 20, 30 or so years, so there is not NEED or RUSH to have MIP because membership is alive and well.When and if they DO decide to have rush, I have seen cases where hundreds and hundreds of prospective members show in high hopes of getting invited to join the organization. The one that comes to mind is when my organization had to rent out an auditorium, because there were over 600 people that showed up at the informational.

They ended up having a line of 80 people. With that being said, I am sure you can understand why it is imperative, and important to stand out and get noticed by your future sorors/fraternity members.So how can you accomplish this goal you may ask? First step is getting involved in the community. If do not know any of MY sorors for example and you desperately want to join DST, then you are not doing enough community service.

I am sure this goes for the rest of the Divine Nine as well. My husband is an Alpha, and his grad chapter is ALWAYS hosting events, doing community service projects, organizing social events, etc. But attending them is NOT enough, introduce yourself. Ask if they need any help, or if they have a mailing list that you can sign up for. Be approachable, friendly, and talkative. We DON'T bite! With that being said, let me also add to NOT stalk us!

We have lives outside of Delta, especially at grade level. With Families, Work, Careers, being active within the org, just being hounded by a prospective member is a TURN OFF and will be remembered!

So be careful!!!!Next Step, do they have an active website that you can bookmark on your computer. We are living in the information age, and most organizations have a website where you can find out upcoming events, in SOME cases Rush/Informational info, and social events, community service projects, etc.USE YOUR RESOURCES!!!!! A lot of questions that you may have are already listed on the website.Now what if they don't have an active website, or what if they do and it's out of date? Then let me refer you back to my previous advice and advise that you need to get out there and perform community service. Black Greeks are EVERYWHERE.Church, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat, Jack and Jill, Voters Registration Drives, etc.Requirements.For this, I will refer you to the National Website of the Organization of you choice, but I will briefly speak about MY org.

But first let me clear up something.joining a GRAD organization does not mean you have to be in GRAD school. It simply means you are a graduate from a college and university with a Bachelor's Degree (Prospective members with Associate Degrees do NOT fall under this category) You need to make sure you meet the at least the minimal requirements for your GPA, community service, and letters of recommendation. Side note, if they requirement is 2.5.then no you can NOT join if you have a 2.49999 2.5 means 2.5! And with THAT being said, for Delta, you want to make sure you have a HIGHER GPA than the bare I stated before, all of my line sisters had a 3.0 GPA, and I had a 3.89! If you graduated from college with a GPA less than the requirement, then your only other option is to graduate from grad school. I know of a woman who graduated from undergrad with a gpa that did not meet the minimal requirment. However, she was able to apply once she graduated from grad school.

Once you graduate from grad school, your undergrad gpa is no longer a concern.As I stated before, joining grad chapter is challenging enough, because the chapter of your choice have hundreds of people interested, and they only want to choose the cream of the crop. So what does that mean? Well to me the cream of the crop is someone who has done their research, they have an excellent GPA, excellent LORs, and tons of community service under their belt.Please be aware that IF you are granted an interview more than likely you will be asked WHY you did not join undergrad! BE HONEST!!!! Your undergrad school's chapter is only a phone call away, so saying 'one thing' and they find out another will not work in your favor at ALL!!!! As I stated before I am sure there are plenty of reasons why you decided not to join at the undergrad level, so be prepared to answer this question. If you applied and were rejected, then just tell them that.

We know that not everyone makes it on the first/second try.Also, another difference between undergrad and grad is $$$$. Becoming a member and staying active and financial can be costly, so please keep that in mind.R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that's what it means to me!!!! Why did I bring this up? Many times I have heard people say they are afraid of joining an alumnea chapter because they will NOT receive the repect from sorors/fraternity brothers who joined undergrad.

I will say this, you will NEVER in life please everyone.That includes friends, family, people on the job, etc.So who the heck cares that you joined through Grad. If your ONLY reason joining an org is to get respect from members, then you should not join. This is why I feel it really is important on your reasons for joining the organization. Even though I joined undergrad, I embrace ALL sorors who came through grad, undergrad, honorary, etc.A soror to me is a SOROR no matter how she became a member. Are there members out there that will diss you b/c you didn't join undergrad? I am not going to lie and say they do not exsist because they do in ALL organizations.

My response to that? Keep it Moving! You worked JUST AS HARD for those letters as they did!

In some cases harder because of how difficult it can be to get invited to join a grad chapter.I hope this clears a lot of question you may have had, or have about joining the organization of your choice at the alumnae level. Good luck to you! AnonymousGosh, this is a helpful blog.

I just completed my interview the other day (Alumnae chapter) and I was so extremely nervous. I know my interview was terrible.

My letters and community service was on point b/c service is part of who I am. I believe it's my life's mission. I hate that I didn't sell myself like I could. I was kicking myself all the way home from the interview.If I'm not selected this time, I will try again. I will improve on my skills and continue serving.

Becoming a part of DST is a lifetime commitment and I have a life time.:)Thanks again for the wonderful blog. I have a situation that I currently can't resolve.

As an aspirant for the Alumni chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha chapter in my city, I am having a difficult time getting a sponsor and recommender. The members that I know personally no longer live in my city, however, they are still financial at both both the national and local levels.

The current list of local active members are not members that I no familiarity with. The application period is nearing the closing date. That being said, I believe it may be necessary to inform the Chapter of my problem and end my pursuit to become a member of the APA fraternity until next year. Do you have any suggestions aside from the from what I already know relative to getting involved as an interested party and getting to know as many members as possible. The other concern that I have is that I am 15 to 20 years older than most of the active membership and it has been a little difficult to develop a few relationships because there are no common threads to build on outside of the National programs and local community programs that I can support. That's truly unfortunate. I know many people who had low GPAs at the completion of their Bachelors.I graduated in 2007.

Now those people are Directors of organizations, entrepreneurs, teachers. School, well I'll sat testing was their weakest are. So because of that, you would throw away a potential great leader and role model in your community? I hold a 3.4 grad school.2.8 undergrad, just because as the beginning I truly was trying to find my way, not because I couldn't do it. Freshman and sophomore years were Challenging (dropped GPA) but was straight A/B in upper. closes friend is a delta, my aunt's an aka, my niece and nephew are sigma and zeta.I say, if they can't make exceptions to the rules especially while taking other things into consideration, think about that and ask.

Duncan Ph.D.To all my colleagues who are interested in 'The Divine Nine'.As a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, we stress the importance of academia and giving back to the community.You should earn excellent grades not to join a sorority or a fraternity, but because it indicates that you have mastered the material and have a comprehensive understanding of the coursework. Additionally, you should not engage in community service to become 'Greek' but rather that you see a need to uplift the downtrodden to the highest and noblest form of manhood, or sisterhood.Having said this, ensure that your motives are pure for desiring to join a BGLO, and should you become successful remain financial, committed to the organization of your choice,and dedicated to a lifestyle of community service.I wish all those aspiring to become a member of the Divine 9 all the best in your endeavors.John E. Duncan Ph.D.Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. AnonymousDoes it matter where you reside when trying to get into a grad chapter? The grad chapter for the organization that I desire to become a member of doesn't have an active website and their FB/Twitter is lacking info.

The next county over as well as the major metropolitan city (i live within a 20 min span of the city line and 10 mins from the next county)nearby have websites with info of service but nothing recent.I contacted the chapter in the city and she contacted me about some service opportunities. I had all intentions of going until I had death in the family and had to go out of town. After making sure I contacted her to let her know what had happened and I was still very much interested in service opportunities, I never heard anything back.My question now is should I reach out again and show my interest in service and membership with this specific chapter or reach out to the other chapter that was in my area? I don't want to be perceived as a flip flopper (bc I definitely am NOT; I've always wanted to be apart of this organization), but i'm not really sure where to go from here. Perhaps I should contact the chapter located in my county, even though they don't seem to be super active.

AnonymousI've wanted to join Delta Sigma Theta for over a decade and am currently debating on whether I should finally go for it. I'm older than the typical undergraduate student and graduated in May 2013 from UIC and am currently pursuing another Bachelor's degree and will graduate in May 2014.I've been told that because I'm in school for a second Bachelor's degree that technically I could choose undergrad or grad. I'm not sure how true this is but I would prefer to go undergrad because I always wanted the experience. However, in addition to be older, I'm married and have a child. In the past, I have tried to contact members of the sorority to no avail. I've only managed to be added onto a Facebook page entitled 'Friends of Lambda.' I would appreciate any information and advice you can give me.

Thank you for your time. I am so grateful for this blog. I have graduated with honors from both undergrad and graduate school. I will be moving forward toward my certification in HR. I have become active in serving and volunteering opportunities. I am trying to do a few events in my area and in other underserved communities. I am extremely eager and hungry to be a part of such a strong and powerful organization that will aid in my development.

Thank you so much for this blog post.I am on the journey to prayerfully becoming a Delta Sigma Theta! Anonymous×× I'm 25 years old.

I attended an HBCU straight out of high school. I had a family emergency my junior year of college, which caused me to move back home and no longer attend college. I am now looking to go back to school and I desperately want to join one of the divine 9.

Am I still able to pledge undergrad when I return to college since I don't have a degree yet. Or will I be frowned upon because I'm so old compared to the traditional pledges that will be attempting to join alongside of me? Will it just be best to try grad chapter? I really would love to join through undergrad though. AnonymousYou will be able to join via undergrad as long as you are still pursuing your first Bachelor's degree. Whether or not it will be frowned upon depends on the chapter at your school.

Aka Grad Chapter Pledging Costs

Engage and get to know the members and do everything the traditional interest would do, also speak with the advisor over the chapter or the NPHC advisor at your school. They can also point you in the right direction. If you do't necessarily feel welcomed by the members of you school's chapter, it is always okay to wait until grad. AnonymousI live in a podunk town that is not within 60 miles of any alumnae chapter of the organization I want to join. I found two chapters that are about 1.5 hours away.

The chapters are quite small though and I am not sure if for this reason they are exclusive or not. I sent an email about a week or two ago to one chapter but have yet to hear back from them and I want to know if I should reach out to the other chapter that's about the same distance or if I should just continue to try the first one. I do A LOT of service, have been very active at my school and very active in my community. My biggest issue is that I am not in any type of proximity with women in these alumnae chapters so I don't have any way of connecting and doing service with them as well.

Any suggestions on what I should do? First of all I just want to give a big thanks to the author of the blog for the great information provided.

I am very interesting in joining a sorority. I will be receiving my Masters very soon so I am interested in a grad chapter. Should I reach out via email to the president of the local chapter to find out if they will be doing rush soon and also find out when they will be having any community service events I could attend? I know that it is annoying when they are felt they are being harassed so I have been hesitant about reaching out.

I am wondering if anyone knew how recent the Chicago area, Glenn Ellyn, or Evanston alumnae chapters have lines? I am currently in my senior year of college and unfortunately the Delta Sigma Theta chapter at my school has not had intake 3 out of 4 of my years here, the one year they did have intake was my sophomore year and i was not financially stable to pledge then, If anyone can answers how often these alumnae chapters have lines and how i could get to know these chapters better that would be a great help.Thanks. AnonymousThis blog is very informative. I've been going to college off and on for the past 18 years. I've always wanted to join this sorority however during my freshman year I went to an informational session and I let one soror change my mind on going forward. Now that I am older I really want to become apart of this organization. I currently attend an online school and I have 5 classes left before I have my baccalaureate degree.

I really want to join so my goal is to try to find a grad chapter that will accept me. Thanks again for this blog it really helped. Hello, your question is a little unclear so let me try to answer it best as possible. There’s undergraduate membership and alumni membership.

In order to become a member of an undergraduate chapter you must be a current undergrad student at the respective college/university in which you are petitioning membership. Seeking membership at the alumni level would require for one to have obtain a bachelor’s degree at any accredited college/university. For example you graduate college in Louisiana and move to Texas to work, you may petition for alumni membership in your new city where you reside. The school you graduated from does not have any barrier on joining the local chapter in the area. AnonymousThank you so much for this post.

I have a question about answering the question of why I didn't join as an undergrad. I went through the process during undergrad, but I quit while I was on line. I do not want to throw the undergrad chapter under the bus for their abusive underground pledging practices, especially if members of the grad chapter support such practices. However, I quit because my and fellow pledges' mental health and grades were suffering due to the lack of sleep and eating, in addition to suffering other forms of physical and financial hazing. At the end of the day, I didn't want to gain letters and lose myself in the process. However, I'm hoping that my local grad chapter will be different in that respect. Should I be honest about why I quit, or should I find a more discreet way of responding to the question.

Bear in mind that the undergrad chapter has been essentially defunct since I graduated, and I'm still friendly with several of its members. AnonymousI know this is late but depending on the boundary lines you should go.

This is important if it's a regional/multi-city/county chapter. Sometimes zipcodes and service areas are set up in a way that overlap different places. It could be an independent city that overlaps a county for example. 10 minutes away could put you in a position where you are actually in the service area, if that chapter covers multiple places.

I know plenty of people who jumped for joy when they found out they were actually in the service area at RUSH. If you're that close (and it's not another state), GO FIND OUT! I hope this helps someone out!:-).

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